Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tiger Woods, Live on NBC?!

It seems very ironic to me that Tiger Woods’ so called “Press conference” was aired on NBC when both brands are facing major image problems as of late. They are both digging their own graves as I have mentioned in previous postings. I’m very surprised that NBC aired Tiger’s “press conference” live, without tape-delaying it until the 8pm primetime slot. I’m sure the intention was there, but the communication broke down somewhere in the chain.

After watching Tiger face family, friends and a carefully selected group of people to fill the remainder of the room, this wasn’t a press conference, but rather a well scripted, well rehearsed statement by Woods and his public relations staff. In my opinion he fell flat on his face with the deliverance of the speech. I don’t think anyone is surprised by the message or the content Woods discussed, but spitting out the rehearsed lines like a freshman in high school, irritated me. There are multiple things Tiger could have done differently in trying to regain the faith of the American public.

First of all, sitting down would have made the “press conference” more relaxed and would have had a more intimate feeling, while standing is letting the people know who has the podium and basically says, “All eyes on me” which is the exact opposite of what Tiger wanted to achieve. I will give him props for forgoing the tie at Friday’s affair (pun intended). Losing the tie, making this a business casual appearance, makes him appear soft,where as a tie makes him look a little stiff (again, pun intended).

Second of all, Tiger spent two years at Stanford University, which is one of the top rated academic institutions year in and year out. He has been exposed to the camera since he was child, making appearances on shows like, The Price is Right. He has always been cordial with reporters after a round of golf (not so much during) but he has always portrayed himself as an educated man who speaks very articulately; at least until today. The tone in which he delivered his speech reminded me of the speech class I was forced to take as a freshman…a freshman in High School. It was absolutely atrocious to sit there and watch him stumble over his words, and know that these were strategically placed stumbles to give the impression as if it were “off the cuff, and from the heart.”

I am personally more willing to forgive someone who seems like they are delivering a heart-felt message instead of Tiger’s approach which was to sound illiterate, young, and act like he didn’t know any better. He sounded as though he was still a virgin in front of the camera, and he seemed bothered that this was broadcast nationally on live television. As far as the connotation of the word virgin, we’ll just have to let that story develop…

Luckily for Tiger, he didn’t have to impress me; he was after media personalities, and sports journalists from reputable publications. Moments after Tiger concluded his speech, Bob Costas of NBC was weighing in on the subject matter. His “Professional opinion” was that Tiger’s overall message was “Heart-felt and genuine.” From a public relations perspective, hearing Bob Costas speak so highly of Tiger’s speech, was music to their ears. Mission accomplished! It is not Tiger’s responsibility to convince us that we need to provide him with a second chance. The media personalities, journalists, and sports talk radio hosts will attempt to convince us to put this entire saga behind us and move on.

With all that being said, I just pray that John Canzano does not share the same opinion as I do, as I would hate to give that man any sort of journalistic credibility…

Tiger Woods Latest Statement

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