Friday, February 12, 2010

In the English language, there is a term known as an equivoque. M. H. Abrams’ book titled, A Glossary of Literary Terms is commonly known to your college English major as his or her Bible; we refer to it constantly, even after we graduate. Abrams defines an equivoque as being, a special type of pun or a homonym, that changes a single word or phrase to give it two disparate meanings, making them equally relevant in context.

With that being said, let me formally introduce you to my equivoque; “The Loose Canon.” This stems from my failure to filter the words that flow freely from my mouth, and also my familiarity with the English Literary Canon…your lesson on alliteration, and the proper use of an ellipsis will come at a later date.

This blog is an outlet, a place for me to tell you what I really think, while conveying to everyone out there that an English degree doesn’t have to equate to teaching High School English.

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  1. this is just the beginning, there is much more to come. Thank you all for reading. I promise to keep it entertaining!!