Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tequila: It's a Party in my Mouth!!

As we gear up to celebrate Mexican/Hispanic culture and heritage here in the United States today, we need to make sure that people understand why this day is so significant. Mexico’s army defeated the French in 1862 at the Battle of Puebla. While the French have never bragged about their military presence and seem to lose every battle ever fought, it doesn't stop Americans from marketing the 5th of May as a celebration. Cinco de Mayo is a day in which we consume copious amounts of Mexican food, Corona or Dos Equis, and the much loved Tequila.

In the week prior to today, 1800Tequila has stepped its game up in the advertising world. Advertised as classy sipping tequila, they are trying to associate themselves with the upper echelon like Patron. An advantage 1800 tequila has over Patron is that it isn't referenced in horribly written hip-hop songs (this also works against them). They are a different brand from Patron, but offer a classy logo and bottle similar to Patron. In my opinion, neither brand should be able to portray Tequila as a sipping beverage.
First of all, the terms "sipping" and "tequila" are mutually exclusive; they cannot happen at the same time. If tequila actually created a party in my mouth, then why does it require two chasers; salt before and a lime after? You slam the 1.5 ounces of tequila down your throat so you can get it over with! Have you ever heard anyone order tequila on the rocks no salt no lime?

Even a classic margarita requires Triple Sec, lime juice, and sour mix along with 1.5 ounces of overpowering tequila. Most people will opt for blended flavored margaritas since they can’t taste the tequila behind the artificial flavoring of strawberries. Some continue to drink tequila for the effects it has on their body, and others drink it hoping that it leads to a party in their mouth just like nicorette gum does for Jessica Simpson.

Just because it’s physically impossible to sip tequila, doesn't mean we can’t appreciate the Washington Husky band for their rendition, and the brilliance behind the marketing campaign that is 1800Tequila. The Game will never change, but that won’t stop them from trying!!

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